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École Léopold Sédar Senghor de Port Gentil, Gabon


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E3D labeling

Environmental education

In September 2021, the AEFE awarded our establishment the EFE3D label rewarding the educational actions implemented in favor of sustainable development. In fact, for many years now, raising our students' awareness of environmental issues has been an integral part of our school project.

Scholarships at the LSS school

Pupils of French nationality can benefit from a scholarship from the small nursery section, if they are at least 3 years old in the calendar year of the start of the school year. This scholarship is awarded by the Agency for French Education Abroad (A.E.F.E.), after consultation with the Local Scholarship Commission. Assistance can be requested for tuition, canteen and transport costs. The request is made for each school year (there is no automatic renewal from one year to the next).
A second commission takes place in October, for new residents and for families who submitted a grant application in February whose situation would have changed profoundly. These families inform the accounting department of their application, so that a specific payment schedule can be offered to them.

The L.S.S. sends an email to the families to inform them of the opening of each of the 2 campaigns.

All information on tuition assistance is available on the website of the Embassy of France.

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tuesday and thursday on the afternoon from 14 h 10 to 16 h 10